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Bridging the Gap: How MBH Global is Supporting the Digital Divide

PC Refurb Partners

MBH Global’s initiative to donate equipment to local charities tackling the digital divide represents a significant step towards corporate social responsibility and community engagement. This action not only exemplifies MBH Global’s commitment to sustainable practices but also addresses a crucial social issue:

The digital divide.

The digital divide refers to the gap between those who have easy access to computers and the internet and those who do not. This gap can be due to various factors, including economic barriers, lack of infrastructure, and geographical location. By donating equipment, MBH Global helps bridge this divide, providing essential technology to those who might otherwise be unable to access it.

MBH Global equipment donation make a real difference to people who have not and we were recently delighted to see a real tangible affect our donations have on people.

Customer quote
PCrefurb posted on their social media one such case….

Helen Melhuish

Chief Officer at PCrefurb wrote

This person was literally in tears at the end of the phone when they knew that we would be helping, thanks to the support and generosity of your team at MBH Global – Sustainable IT Lifecycle Management. They had struggled for way too long to access very basic, everyday services and support – things that we wouldn’t bat an eyelid at – but they were completely stuck and isolated. Providing them with a way to get online has been completely transformative for them in so many ways.

MBH Global responded

It’s truly fulfilling at MBH to witness the tangible effects of our donations on individuals. Stories like this are exactly what drive our commitment to social responsibility.

MBH Global will continue to support this fantastic charity and help were ever it is able to.

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