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IT Asset Disposition Services

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At MBH Global, we understand the challenges businesses face when disposing of outdated IT equipment. Not only is it a logistical burden, but it also poses significant environmental and data security risks. Our IT Asset Disposition Services (known as ITAD) allow companies to dispose and recycle their IT equipment in a safe, ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

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What is IT Asset Disposition?

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the process of securely and responsibly managing the decommissioning and disposal of end-of-life IT asset sanitisation, including data sanitisation and the environmentally friendly recycling of materials. ITAD ensures that your company’s sensitive data is protected and that your IT equipment is disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations.

Why is ITAD Important for Businesses?

  • Ensures data security and prevents data breaches
  • Reduces environmental impact by recycling and repurposing materials
  • Helps businesses comply with e-waste regulations
  • Frees up valuable office space and resources
  • Provides a return on investment through asset remarketing

What IT Disposition Services Do MBH Global Offer?

Asset Recovery, tracking and auditing

MBH Global makes collecting and handling your data-bearing devices seamless, secure, and transparent. Our trained professionals ensure your devices are securely transported to our facility and logged into our tracking system. Each asset is tagged and tracked, ensuring no device is misplaced or overlooked.

Secure Data Sanitation and Certified Data Destruction

Our Data Destruction securely wipes sensitive and confidential data from various devices, following industry-standard techniques. The process guarantees that all data is completely erased and cannot be recovered by conventional means.

Hard Drive Shredding

Shredding is a secure data destruction method that physically destroys the hard drive beyond repair, making it impossible for unauthorised individuals to access any sensitive information stored on it.

Environmentally Friendly Recycling

At MBH Global, we have a zero-to-landfill policy. After data destruction, we sort and send device remnants to certified recycling partners, aligning with our vision for a sustainable future.

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Why Choose MBH Global as your ITAD Provider?

  • Industry-leading 10-day turnaround time
  • Certified and secure data destruction processes
  • Committed to the circular economy and reducing e-waste
  • Comprehensive reporting and transparency
  • Tailored solutions to meet your business needs

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Let MBH Global dispose of your IT assets safely and efficiently. Our expert team will guide you through the process and ensure your IT equipment is disposed of safely, sustainably and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

ITAD reduces e-waste by prioritising the reuse and recycling of IT assets. By remarketing usable equipment and responsibly recycling materials, we minimise the amount of e-waste sent to landfills.

Certificates of IT Disposition prove that your assets were disposed of securely and in compliance with regulations. MBH Global provides detailed reporting and certificates for your records and peace of mind.

Simply deleting files does not ensure complete data erasure. Our secure data destruction methods, such as multiple overwrites and physical shredding, guarantee that your sensitive information is irretrievable.

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Our Journey to B-Corp

B-Corp Certification is a way to measure a company’s transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance. At MBH Global, we prioritise responsible tech disposal and adhere to strict data security and environmental compliance rules. Every component is repurposed, and consistent service quality is provided globally. Our triple-layered facility security, GPS-tracked vans, and expertly trained staff ensure your data is always protected.

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