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IT Asset Disposal Services

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Safeguard your sensitive data and protect the environment with our comprehensive IT asset disposal services. At MBH Global, we guarantee your data is safely and securely erased or destroyed with a certified IT asset disposal service.

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What is IT Asset Disposal?

End-of-life IT equipment, such as computers, servers, and mobile devices, can be securely and responsibly disposed of through IT asset disposal. In accordance with data protection laws and environmental regulations, the equipment is erased, destroyed, and recycled. As part of the broader ITAD process, IT asset disposal involves executing the disposition strategy, whether it is resale, recycling, donation, or disposal.

Proper IT asset disposal is crucial to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands and to minimise the environmental impact of e-waste.

Why is it important to use a secure IT Asset Disposal company?

A secure IT asset disposal company ensures your data has been completely erased or destroyed, preventing your business from becoming liable for data breaches and legal liabilities. A professional Asset Disposal company follows strict industry standards and provides documentation proving that your assets have been safely disposed of.

Responsible IT asset disposal also helps reduce electronic waste and promotes recycling and reuse, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Types of IT Asset Disposal

MBH Global offers a range of IT asset disposal services which can be tailored to your specific needs:

Data Erasure

Using the latest technology, we erase all data on your devices, making them unrecoverable and guaranteeing security. This method is ideal for assets that may be resold or reused.

Data Shredding

Shredding your data is the most secure method of ensuring that there is no way for the data to be recovered. We recycle the shredded material in an environmentally friendly way.

Data Destruction

Our data destruction service combines data erasure and physical destruction techniques to provide the highest level of security for your sensitive information.

Hard Drive Destruction

We offer secure hard drive destruction services, physically shredding your hard drives to prevent any possibility of data recovery.

Mobile Asset Disposal

Our mobile asset disposal service securely erases data from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected and your assets are disposed of sustainably.

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Why choose MBH Global as your IT Asset Disposal Provider?

  • Certified and secure data erasure and destruction processes
  • Environmentally responsible recycling and disposal of e-waste
  • Comprehensive reporting and documentation for auditing purposes
  • Flexible on-site and off-site service options
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team dedicated to your security and satisfaction

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Let MBH Global dispose of your IT assets safely and efficiently. Our expert team will guide you through the process and ensure your IT equipment is disposed of safely, sustainably and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

An IT asset disposal certificate is a document provided by the disposal company that certifies the secure erasure or destruction of your data, serving as proof of compliance with data protection regulations.

MBH Global offers both on-site and off-site IT asset disposal services, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs and security requirements.

While it is possible to destroy data yourself, the best way to ensure complete and certified data destruction in compliance with industry standards and regulations is to use a professional IT asset disposal service.

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Our Journey to B-Corp

B-Corp Certification is a way to measure a company’s transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance. At MBH Global, we prioritise responsible tech disposal and adhere to strict data security and environmental compliance rules. Every component is repurposed, and consistent service quality is provided globally. Our triple-layered facility security, GPS-tracked vans, and expertly trained staff ensure your data is always protected.

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