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MBH Global: A Proud Moment as We Approach the Tameside Business Awards 2024

Tameside Business Awards 2024

As the Tameside Business Awards 2024 draw near, excitement is palpable within MBH Global camp. Scheduled for May 23rd, this prestigious event promises to be a night of celebration, recognition, and networking. We are thrilled to share that MBH Global has been shortlisted for the esteemed “Tech/Digital Business of the Year” award. This recognition is a significant milestone and a testament to the hard work, innovation, and dedication of our entire team.

A Moment of Pride
Being shortlisted for the Tech/Digital Business of the Year is more than just an accolade; it’s a recognition of the strides we’ve made . At MBH Global, our mission has always been to push the boundaries of what’s possible and to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. This nomination reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and our unwavering dedication to providing top-notch services.

The Journey to This Honour
Our success is not measured by awards but by the positive impact we create for our clients the environment and the broader community. This nomination is a recognition of the collaborative effort of every team member, whose expertise, and commitment have driven MBH Global to new heights.

Looking Ahead to the Awards Night
As we prepare for the awards night on May 23rd, there is a buzz of anticipation in the air. Regardless of the outcome, being shortlisted alongside other remarkable companies is an achievement in itself. It places us in the spotlight, showcasing our contributions to the industry we serve.

We look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with other industry leaders, gaining insights from peers, and exploring new opportunities for growth and collaboration. The Tameside Business Awards are not just about recognising success; they are about fostering a spirit of community and shared progress.

Gratitude and Optimism
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Tameside Business Awards committee for considering us for this prestigious honour. To our clients, partners, and team members, thank you for your unwavering support and trust in MBH Global. This nomination is as much yours as it is ours.

As we count down the days to the awards ceremony, we remain optimistic and motivated. The recognition we have received fuels our drive to continue innovating and delivering exceptional services.

Whatever the outcome on the night, we will celebrate this milestone and use it as a stepping stone towards even greater achievements.

Stay tuned for updates on the awards night, and join us in celebrating this proud moment for MBH Global.

Here’s to the future, filled with innovation, growth, and continued success!

With gratitude and excitement,

The MBH Global Team

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