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MBH Global Supports Local Business After Devastating Fire

Visual Architects

On January 22, 2024, a devastating fire swept through the headquarters of Visual Architects, a local events firm based in Stockport.

Building fire

In response to this catastrophe, MBH Global, a steadfast local business, swiftly extended a helping hand. Understanding the urgent need for IT equipment, MBH Global reached out to Visual Architects, offering unwavering support during their time of need.


As the Co-Founder and CEO of MBH, I am deeply concerned about the potential ramifications that a similar incident could have on our own business operations. At MBH, we hold a profound awareness of our social responsibilities, which compels us to take proactive steps in supporting our community during times of adversity. It was with a genuine sense of duty and goodwill that we reached out to offer assistance to Visual Architects following the unfortunate fire at their premises.
The collective response from numerous local businesses and the esteemed Manchester Council in supporting Visual Architects was both commendable and heartwarming. This display of unity underscores the resilience and compassion within our community, reinforcing our belief in the strength of solidarity during challenging times.
I extend my heartfelt wishes to Visual Architects for a swift recovery and a prosperous future ahead. It was indeed a privilege for MBH to play a modest yet meaningful role in aiding their journey towards restoration. As they embark on the path of rebuilding, may they find solace in the unwavering support of their peers and allies.”
Matthew Harrop Co-Founder & CEO
 Matthew Harrop with Panos Zantzo
Matthew Harrop with Panos Zantzo

Gratefully received, MBH Global provided essential aid to Visual Architects by furnishing them with 8 refurbished MacBook’s. These laptops, salvaged from potential waste, underwent meticulous refurbishment by MBH Global, echoing their dedication to sustainability and the circular economy.


This act not only spared 2,064kg of CO2 emissions that would have arisen from the production of new devices but also equipped Visual Architects with the necessary tools to help their business.


Witnessing the outpouring of support from countless local businesses and Manchester Council was truly heartening. It reaffirmed our belief in the strength of community and the power of collective action. In times of adversity, solidarity shines brightest, illuminating the path forward with hope and resilience.

To the team at Visual Architects, we extend our sincerest wishes for a swift recovery and a brighter future ahead. It was an honour to contribute in whatever small way we could. As you embark on your journey of rebuilding, know that you have a community of allies standing beside you every step of the way.

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