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IT Lifecycle Management

We offer a range of services to help organisations modernise their infrastructure and optimise their IT assets like never before. We provide a diverse selection of solutions to increase value, improve budget management, and enhance hardware scalability for future growth.

Onsite/Offsite Shredding

MBH Global offers hard drive/media destruction at our secure facility or on site at your premises using our mobile shredding vehicle  

Hard drive shredding destroys the device and cuts the media into small pieces using industrial grade equipment rendering the data completely unrecoverable.

Data Destruction

Our data destruction service is an ideal choice for companies that value their data highly and recognise the crucial importance of safeguarding sensitive information. By utilising our cutting-edge software tool and advanced techniques, we provide reassurance that your data is securely and permanently erased, protecting your company from the risks of data breaches and unauthorised access.

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Certified Data Destruction

The most important part of our business is keeping your data safe. 

When it comes to data security, simply deleting your files is not enough. Even after you delete a file, it is still present on your device's hard drive or storage media in some form. The file may be recoverable using data recovery software, which means that any sensitive information it contains is still at risk.

This is why it is important to use secure methods to delete data. One common method is to use a data wiping tool, which overwrites the data on the hard drive with random information, making it virtually impossible to recover. Another method is to physically destroy the storage media, such as shredding, which ensures that the data cannot be recovered.

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